Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How to Join this Blog

I was reminded today by a friend that, although I restricted the membership of this blog to those with a verifiable connection to the College of Engineering, I didn't bother to tell anyone how to ask to join!

Actually, it's pretty simple. Just send an email to with your name and verifiable connection to the UTA College of Engineering.

For faculty and staff, it's easy: I need just your department and position and UTA email address;

For students, your name and UTA email address;

For alumni, it's a bit more work: name, department, degree and year of graduation, and current email address;

For former students (ie, didn't graduate from here: name, department, degree program and years here, and your current email address.

This information will be verified before you are extended and invitation to join, so for alumni and former students it may take a day or two. Faculty, staff and students should be pretty quick, and I'll just use the people locator on the UTA website.

I should add to this that your UTA email is the one to which the invitation will be sent. If you wish to use a different email, feel free to use whatever you wish after you're registered. For those without a UTA email address, I'll use whatever you send once you are confirmed.


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